Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stop ICE abuse

In a published UFCW report, you’ll read about the human toll exacted by the Bush administration’s enforcement-only policy. It includes the story of a young man, born in the United States and educated in Mexico, whose halting English subjected him first to searing ridicule, then intimidation, and, finally, threats of imprisonment. A mother separated
from her diabetic child. A young high school student, born and raised in the United States, confronted by ICE agents who had burst through the front door of her mother’s home, weapons drawn demanding answers to questions she knew nothing about, because her mother, also a U.S. citizen, had, at one time, worked at a poultry processing facility. A successful state and local program—years in development—bringing small-town Iowans together with common purpose destroyed by the fear, mistrust, and cultural division created in the wake of a raid. Frightened children. Racial profiling. Due process ignored. The rule of law, the Constitution tossed aside.


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